Call DA Sherry Boston: #DropTheCharges

Goal: 500

During the past few months, law enforcement has charged more than 40 demonstrators with domestic terrorism for actively opposing “Cop City.” 

On Wednesday, May 31, the Atlanta Police Department raided a home and arrested three leaders of the Atlanta Solidarity Fund, which has been bailing out protesters opposing the construction of “Cop City.” The three were charged with money laundering and charity fraud. 

Let’s be clear: This is retaliation against and criminalizing “Cop City” opponents and their supporters in an attempt to abridge their First Amendment rights.  

That's why we need you to call District Attorney Sherry Boston now and demand the release of the Atlanta Solidarity Fund leaders and all opponents of “Cop City” and demand that all charges be dropped immediately.

No one should be criminalized for exercising their right to protest or for supporting those who do. Now the Atlanta Solidarity Fund leaders sit in jail awaiting trial on trumped-up charges, separated from their loved ones and unable to join their communities, all because DA Sherry Boston has yet to take action. Will you make a call? 

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