Tell Irvine to Stay in the OC Power Authority

On May 23, Irvine will consider leaving the OC Power Authority (OCPA), which threatens clean energy choice in Orange County. To protect Irvine residents and make important, successful reforms, we must keep OCPA's current representatives and keep Irvine in the OCPA.

At the same time, SoCal Edison plans to raise electricity rates by 45% by 2030, demonstrating the urgent need for a viable alternative to the long-standing fossil fuel-powered monopoly. SoCal Edison's first priority will always be to bring a profit to its shareholders, paid for by OC families. With OCPA, we have an alternative, allowing the choice to save on energy bills and get cleaner energy.  

As OCPA's largest city, an exit by Irvine would likely be the end of OCPA and its many benefits for OC. Orange County deserves leaders who prioritize the health and prosperity of their constituents over personal agendas.

The OCPA has made important progress in recent months to rebuild community trust and increase local clean energy. Without the OCPA, Irvine families face a future of escalating electricity costs without the benefits of local energy resilience and cost-saving programs offered by Community Choice.

Now is the time to raise your voice and advocate for preserving clean energy choice in Irvine and throughout Orange County.