Strengthen Irvine's Climate Action

Irvine recently released its draft Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP), which holds the potential to pave the way towards a zero carbon by 2030 region, prioritizing social equity, environmental justice, and climate resilience. Irvine announced in 2021 that it would lead climate action by reaching zero carbon by 2030. However, the current CAAP draft has no zero carbon commitment by 2030 or 2045. 

Critically, the draft CAAP lacks key benchmarks, success metrics, and transportation goals, neglecting the urgent need to reduce vehicle miles traveled, Irvine's primary source of greenhouse gas emissions. The draft CAAP also says it won’t require new buildings to be gas-free until 2025 and plans to remove gas from less than half of existing buildings by 2045. This is not climate leadership.

Now is the moment to demand a stronger CAAP that represents Irvine’s existing climate commitments. Let’s call on the city to strengthen the plan by including specific benchmarks, success metrics, and strategies to reduce emissions from all key sources. We also need an updated timeline that ensures we reach zero carbon as soon as possible. 

Raise your voice, email Irvine’s City Councilmembers, and ask for a stronger CAAP. Together, we can ensure that Irvine residents have access to clean air, clean water, and a healthy and safe future.

Want to support in person? Use our toolkit and join us on June 27th!