Raise Your Voice To #ElectrifyIrvine

Irvine is working toward zero carbon by 2030 and protecting our most vulnerable families by phasing out dirty, outdated methane gas.

Last year, Irvine showed bold climate leadership when it committed to reaching zero carbon by 2030. As a result, Irvine was one of just three cities in California chosen for the Cool City Challenge, a grant that is already bringing the city $1 million in funding for climate programs and up to $20 million more in the years ahead. 

If Irvine hopes to reach its zero carbon goal by 2030, it must eliminate methane gas from buildings. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says slashing methane now is crucial to achieving climate safety. Irvine is on track to be the first Orange County city to join the 50+ California cities that have adopted green building policies.  

Methane gas is the third-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Orange County, and most of us burn it every time we cook, shower, or heat our rooms. This is causing indoor air pollution, childhood asthma, and other illnesses while also hurting our climate, with the risks highest for families who are already disproportionately burdened with pollution from other sources.

The good news is that Irvine recognizes they will only reach their 2030 zero carbon goal with a strong building decarbonization policy. Irvine’s city council unanimously approved a plan to educate the community and then pass a policy to phase out dangerous methane gas this year.

Goal: 400

The OC Climate Coalition is eager to see Irvine’s new building decarbonization ordinance. Please show the Irvine City Council your support for this critical pathway to zero carbon by 2030 by adding your name to this petition:

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