BE THE CHANGE: Rally Behind Buena Park's Sustainability Department

 Regardless of where we live, we all deserve bold action from our governments to protect us from dangerous climate impacts. Now is Buena Park’s opportunity to tackle the impacts of the climate crisis by establishing a dedicated sustainability department.

Buena Park has taken a stride towards combating climate change by making 100% renewable energy the default choice for all residents, demonstrating the city's commitment to an equitable and sustainable future. However, to fully address climate impacts in the city, there needs to be staff dedicated to working on key climate policies and programs like a Climate Action Plan. On Tuesday, May 23rd, the Buena Park City Council will vote on creating a sustainability department dedicated to implementing key climate actions.  

Many of Buena Park’s communities are hit first and worst by the climate crisis, needing and deserving immediate, bold climate action. According to the EPA, some Buena Park communities are experiencing more pollution than 99% of all other California communities.

All Buena Park residents deserve to live in a pollution-free and climate-resilient community. Raise your voice and demand effective, meaningful climate action by emailing the Mayor and Councilmembers supporting a sustainability department and a climate-safe future for all!