Tell the Provincial Party Leaders to Empower Ontario’s Cities

Cities are getting a raw deal in Ontario.

Ontario's big cities have more people, bigger economies – and they deliver more services – than many Canadian provinces.

Yet they have no status or power of their own and are subject in every way to the whims of the Ontario government.

Money's a problem too. 90% of all taxes raised in cities goes to other governments. Cities have to continually beg for provincial funding to pay their bills.

Since 2018, the Ford government has raised provincial interference in local affairs to an art form by revoking city authority over transit planning, ranked ballots, local land use decisions, transit planning and public name a few.

Push Ontario's opposition parties to treat cities better.

The opposition parties have all told us they are open to exploring a new deal for cities. But to make it a priority, they need to know the idea has public support. The June 2 election coming up fast, so here's your chance to tell party leaders and candidates you want them to back strong cities in Ontario.

Tell the party leaders, your MPP and your candidates you want them to back:

  • Strong, constitutionally protected City Charters and
  • A new financial deal for Ontario's big cities.

Strong Cities make a strong province!

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You can message any or all of the following:
NDP Leader Andrea Horwath
Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca
Green Leader Mike Schreiner
Your MPP
Candidates in your riding

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