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The cost of residential solar systems has dropped by 90% in just ten years. Going solar can reduce or eliminate electricity bills, increase home value, create good-paying local jobs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But because of the solar tax credit design, lower-income homeowners and homeowners of color are far less likely to realize the benefits of solar. Congress can easily fix this by making the Solar Investment Tax credit refundable. At the same time, we must extend the current credit, which is set to expire in 2024. 

Will you contact your U.S. Representatives and Senators via our form below and encourage them to make the solar credit refundable and to extend it to at least 2030? 


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  • Right now, small-commercial and residential solar systems are eligible for a 26% tax credit
  • However, if you don’t have enough taxable income to claim the credit, or if you are a nonprofit organization, then you don’t get to benefit from it
  • Say you install a $50,000 system. If you are middle-income and above, you can eliminate $13,000 of taxes you would otherwise owe when you file your taxes. But if you are lower-income and owe less than $13,000 in taxes, then you have no way to benefit from the credit
  • This excludes low to moderate-income families, faith and community-based organizations, and others
  • The solution is simple: make the tax credit refundable, so that anyone that goes solar can get 26% off their total system cost
  • Solar energy is essential to the Administration’s climate goals, and to avoid catastrophic global warming
  • Extending the solar credit will give the industry more stability as it scales, attracts capital, and innovates

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