Fund BC's Future

We can’t afford to wait.

It’s time to invest in BC’s colleges and universities.

BC’s future depends on solving our biggest challenges. Creating the jobs of tomorrow. And tackling the climate crisis.

Solutions start with today’s students.

BC is counting on our colleges and universities – more than ever.

But for decades, governments have failed to invest. And that costs us all.

Students are paying more. And struggling with too much debt.

Workers on campus strive to do their best. But underfunding makes it harder to keep campuses safe, clean, and deliver quality education. 

Chronic underfunding is hurting BC’s future.

You can help make change happen.

By investing in BC’s colleges and universities, the BC government can help support today’s students. And tomorrow’s professionals.

Tell the BC government to increase base funding for colleges and universities – to help everyone. Let’s invest in tomorrow by:

  • Giving workers on campus more support to deliver world-class learning.
  • Investing in campus infrastructure and maintaining clean and healthy facilities.
  • Lowering tuition fees and make education more accessible for students.
  • Helping solve BC’s skills shortage – with the skilled professionals we need.

It’s the best investment we can make in BC’s recovery and our future. 

Fund BC’s future.
Tell the BC government to invest now.

Fund BC’s future

Tell the BC government to invest now.

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