The Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) and over 4,200 employees have been left out of Canada's economic recovery plan. Let's make sure that the PNE survives this pandemic. Send an email to your representatives to urge them to save the PNE and the 4,200 jobs!

The PNE's affiliation to the City of Vancouver has rendered it ineligible for the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy. This means:

  • 1,600 part-time workers not working;
  • 100 full-time staff laid off;
  • the annual hire of 2,500 seasonal workers on hold.

The PNE contributes over $200 million in economic benefit to the region each year and creates thousands of high-skilled jobs and youth employment. Due to COVID-19, the PNE now forecasts $16-19 million in debt by 2021 - threatening over 4,200 jobs. 

COVID-19 has hit British Columbians hard. Let's make sure that the PNE survives this pandemic. Send an email to urge our politicians to save the PNE and its 4,200 jobs!


Last month, unions sent a letter to Canada's Cabinet Ministers, as well as Vancouver and British Columbia's politicians, urging them to step in to save the PNE. The letter demanded that they:

  • Expand the eligibility of the CEWS to civic-affiliated organizations like the PNE;
  • Provide immediate relief to the 1,600+ workers it currently employs.

Despite the thousands of jobs at stake, they have not acted on these suggestions. Let's urge them to step in and save the PNE!

This campaign is run by the Candian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and CUPE Local 1004, representing over 4,000 PNE workers whose jobs and livelihoods are at stake. To learn more about CUPE, visit

CUPE 1004


By adding your voice, you will be sending a strong message to:

  • The Vancouver City Council;
  • Your BC MLA and MP; 
  • And the Minister of Finance of Canada.

Urge them to save the PNE and 4,200 jobs!

The email we have for you to send will:

  • Explain the importance of the PNE to the Lower Mainland and to thousands of workers;
  • Provide solutions to save the PNE;
  • Urge the politician to support the PNE and its workers.

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