Tell Your Senators To Oppose Jeff Baran’s Confirmation!

Jeff Baran has spent ten years as a commissioner at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) obstructing and delaying nuclear projects. He now has been nominated for a third 5 year term.

Tell your Senators that obstruction and delay at the NRC is not acceptable. America needs a new commissioner who understands that nuclear energy is a critical part of our clean energy future.

Email your Senator today and tell them to oppose Jeff Baran's confirmation to the NRC.


Jeff Baran's Voting Record:

  • Voted against allowing small modular reactors to be quickly sited at the site of shuttered coal plants.
  • Voted against revising emergency preparedness requirements for small advanced reactors that are much safer and up to 100 times smaller than today’s large conventional reactors.
  • Voted against simplified environmental review for small modular reactors that are manufactured off-site and have little or no water or land use impact on the environment.
  • Voted to require nuclear plants to plan for hypothetical accidents so rare that NRC expects such accidents to occur less than once every 10 million operating years.
  • Supports requiring small advanced reactors to follow the same licensing requirements as large conventional reactors despite being far safer and up to 100 times smaller.


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Tell Congress It Is Time For New Leadership On The NRC!

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