Tell President Biden: Protect Medicare from Corporate Greed!

Medicare is an essential public program that provides universal health coverage to millions of seniors and disabled Americans. But Medicare is under attack from corporate greed through a program called Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage plans use hefty taxpayer subsidies to offer consumers cheaper premiums, but then often fail to provide patients with adequate care when they need it and limit patients to small provider networks. Recent investigations have found that the largest insurers in Medicare Advantage have committed widespread fraud and denied patients critical care they were supposed to provide by law.

Medicare Advantage exemplifies why the profit motive has no place in healthcare. The billions of our taxpayer dollars that get spent on Medicare every year should go to providing people with healthcare, not making greedy CEOs richer. 

That’s why we’re calling on President Biden to ensure that people and patients on Medicare get the health care they need and deserve.

President Biden must direct his administration to do everything in their power to:

  • Improve Medicare so that people have the freedom to just choose Medicare.
  • Stop wrongful delays and denials of care in Medicare Advantage plans. 
  • Hold corporations accountable by ending rampant profiteering, kicking the bad actors out and mandating transparency in Medicare advantage plans. 

Add your voice to this petition calling on President Biden to take executive action—whether you’re on Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or just believe in protecting one of our most valued public programs.

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