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Sign to Tell Congress: Fund the Fight Against COVID

In the two years since COVID-19 invaded our lives, nearly 1 million Americans have lost their battle with this horrible virus. Already, at least 6 million people have died of COVID-19 around the world. And while members of our government have called for us to move on, disabled people, people of color, older people, and so many others are still getting sick and dying here at home and abroad.

This is a crisis and Congress must act now.

At the last possible minute, Congress removed COVID funding from a bill they passed on March 9 -- but we’re not done fighting. Our leaders must meet these urgent needs. Without this funding, we will not be able to vaccinate the world, provide treatments to people who will die without them, or keep providing vaccines free of charge in the US. Every single day of delay on this funding package risks the lives of people we each know and love, and billions of others we’ll never meet. 

It’s time to fight for more funding to combat COVID. Sign below to let your Members of Congress know what we know: this pandemic is not over, and we need this funding to get closer to the end.

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