Help BC teachers protect student data by writing to your MLA

The FSA is a province-wide standardized test administered to all Grade 4 and 7 students across BC. It is not a required part of the BC curriculum. 

 What teachers believe

  • The FSA is not a reliable method of measuring an individual child’s progress and was not designed for this purpose. 
  • The misuse of FSA testing results by the Fraser Institute and other corporate entities creates misleading school rankings that  harm school communities.
  • Data collected from the test is not protected from being used to rank schools.
  • Better models of provincial assessment with protections to ensure the ethical use of students’ data are possible. 

What you can do

  • Parents can ask school principals to withdraw their children from the FSA tests, according to Ministry of Education and Child Care guidelines concerning exemptions. There is a withdrawal letter and form available at
  • Talk to teachers about the assessments they use to support learning. 
  • Contact your MLA and share this campaign.


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