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The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) recently sent a letter to the Dungeness crab industry of their intent to reallocate 50% of the inside commercial fishery in Area E (Tofino) plus 25% of the outside fishery to the five Nuu-cha-nulth Nations on April.1st. 

The letter was received on December 2nd, 2021, just a few short months before the reallocation would come into effect. It came without any prior consultative process or valid immediate mitigation or compensation plan for affected harvesters.

DFO’s decision will ruin the livelihoods of the 33 family-run fishing businesses, compromising up to 80 jobs in the Tofino community. Despite the federal government’s commitment for all Canadians to pay for the costs of reconciliation and the settlement of Indigenous claims, DFO’s action has shifted the cost of the Nuu-cha-nulth’s court case settlement onto the backs of small family-owned fishing businesses. 

It is incredibly important to note that crab harvesters fully support and honour the ongoing efforts in respect to reconciliation and Indigenous rights & title. The industry’s frustration and concern lie squarely on DFO and the federal governments' lack of proper planning, engagement, consultation, and compensation in respect to the major proposed re-allocation and the associated dire economic consequences. 

This is not a stand-alone issue. It's currently happening on the East Coast with the Elver Eel fishery and the same themes of a lack of proper consultation and meaningful industry involvement are prevalent in the Northern Shelf bio-region MPA process. This cannot be the continued path forward. 

Please join us in calling on the federal and provincial government to immediately compensate the 33 family-run fishing businesses and commit to a comprehensive reconciliation strategy as it pertains to the entire Canadian commercial fishing industry.

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If you are a commercial fish harvester or work in the commercial fishing industry, please consider adding information on how DFO’s failing approach on this issue is affecting you personally.

If you are a harvester from Area E there is an option available below for you to upload a photo of yourself, your family and/or your crew. 

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