It’s time to say adios to unsafe abortions in Argentina!

We are just one step away from making 2020 the year that Argentina finally legalizes abortion!

On December 10, in a historic vote, the lower chamber of Argentina’s Congress approved a landmark bill that would fully decriminalize abortion, paving the way for the Senate to make this a reality. 

The Green Wave movement for legal abortion in Argentina is stronger than ever, supported by hundreds of thousands of people across the world who signed Amnesty’s global petition demanding the legalization of abortion in Argentina. It’s time to show our solidarity again.

In the next few days, the Senate will vote on the bill to legalize abortion. This is the final step in the legislative process. If they vote in favour, the bill will become law, putting an end to the criminalization of women and girls for seeking abortions and guaranteeing their right to access them in safety. 

However, a majority vote in the Senate is still far from certain and the opposition is working harder than ever to ensure the bill does not obtain the majority it needs. In 2018, the bill was also approved by the Chamber of Deputies but lost by 7 votes in the Senate. This year’s vote in the Senate is also hanging by a thread. 

Global solidarity has been key in getting us this far. Now we need to show Senators that every vote in favour of legal abortion is a vote on the right side of history. 

Use this tool to tweet your support to the Senators in Argentina who have chosen to vote in favour and to show everyone else that this bill unstoppable. 

Tweet a Senator for legal abortion in Argentina!

Below is a randomly selected Senator who is standing on the right side of history by supporting the bill for legal abortion in Argentina. Send them a Tweet to show your support! If possible, please mention the country you are writing to them from so they can see that they have support from all over the world!

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