Don't Pump the Brakes on Solar!

Rooftop solar has helped Hawaii residents save billions of dollars and reduced the need for dirty, fossil fuels. But this Tuesday, Hawaii legislators will vote on a bill, SB 1163, that would slash Hawaii's renewable energy tax credit by more than half starting next year. 

While prudently weaning down Hawaii's renewable energy tax credit over time is reasonable, slashing the incentive by over half with less than six months of notice sends a signal that Hawaii doesn't care about climate change or market stability. Further, another part of SB 1163 prevents customers from "going off the grid" and installing grid-disconnected solar and storage, something some legislators have blatantly called a "give to Hawaiian Electric."​

This bill would drastically halt or slow the growth of rooftop solar and home batteries, ironically at a time when climate scientists are telling us we need to accelerate the transition to clean energy. The Hawaii Legislature's proposal would happen at the same time that federal tax credits for solar are stepping down, meaning a double whammy on Hawaii residents wanting to do the right thing. 

Take action today to stop this anti-solar bill and support clean energy in Hawaii! 

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