Don’t let We Energies monopolize Wisconsin’s solar energy future!

We Energies has finally agreed to embrace solar energy, but only if they get to own and control it.

Solar energy is growing across the U.S., including in Wisconsin, bringing cleaner air  and better control over expensive electricity bills.

However, We Energies is trying to stack the deck to ensure they have a monopoly on benefits from rooftop solar.

When solar companies can compete to provide homeowners technology such as rooftop solar panels, it can drive down energy costs for everyone. However, We Energies has opposed the right for solar companies to offer affordable solar leasing to homeowners and businesses while simultaneously trying to monopolize this technology for themselves.

Submit your comment to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission during their official public comment period now. Tell them: Don’t let utilities like We Energies monopolize our clean energy future!

Tell the Wisconsin Public Service Commission to choose ratepayer rights over utility profits:

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