Don’t let We Energies kill Wisconsin solar!

Don’t let We Energies kill Wisconsin solar! (Again)!

Wisconsinites receive many benefits from rooftop solar. Cleaner air, control over energy bills, local jobs, and less reliance on out-of-state energy resources. However, We Energies is AGAIN trying to discourage people from going solar, in order to maintain their energy monopoly and profit. 

Say No to the We Energies Solar Charge!

We Energies has AGAIN proposed adding a large, discriminatory fee on solar customers, that will put solar out of reach for many families. This is after WI’s courts rejected a similar fee from We Energies in 2015! 

We Energies is proposing a $3.53/KW/month fee on residential rooftop solar customers. That’s over $200/year on a family’s average solar system. 

Out of Step: This comes on the heels of both Michigan and Iowa rejecting similar fees, finding the fee on self-generation discriminatory and punitive. We should be expanding access to solar, not limiting it and making it more expensive! 

Hypocritical: This year We Energies actually expanded their monopoly into rooftop solar, all while touting the benefits of rooftop solar to the grid. But now, they’re saying it’s not good enough for residents to do the same thing. So solar is only a good thing when a monopoly utility owns it, controls it, or charges you for it? That’s unacceptable for Wisconsin families. 

Time to Stand up for Solar Rights! That’s why we’re calling on Governor Tony Evers and other Wisconsin policymakers to support keeping customer-sited solar accessible to Wisconsin families, churches, farms and small businesses.

Ask Wisconsin leaders to fight back against We Energies’ unfair, anti-solar proposal. We must support policies that protect property rights and protect self-generation of clean energy. Let’s keep solar energy accessible to all!

Tell Governor Evers and other elected leaders to choose ratepayer rights over utility profits:

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