Standing together for Social Enterprise

Let's get Social Enterprise on the Federal Agenda, together

In May 2022, the Australian Federal Government will go to the polls. 

The Australian Social Enterprise Network Alliance (ASENA) has brought together the state peak bodies for social enterprise to help raise our collective voice. Starting 12 April 2022 and in the following weeks we are asking you to contact your local MP and candidates along with us. 

We can't make system change alone, we need to do it together. And that means affecting policy as a collective.

This campaign page will help you send a pre-built letter to your candidates, advocating for Social Enterprise in your electoral division. Before and after the election we want to ensure that new candidates have heard from our grassroots social enterprises. By mobilising together we can get social enterprise on the radar for the incoming government. 

You can:

  1. Send immediately with no further changes! Just fill out your details on the right.
  2. OR customise the letter as you desire (here is a Google Doc), don't forget to add info about your organisation should you wish to
  3. Attach an image to the email -- JPG or GIF form. 
  4. Review an introduction slide deck we have prepared that is linked in the email: -- we have included this so that there is more background on social enterprise for whoever goes deeper with the message

Our Overall Purpose is to run an awareness-raising and influence-building campaign for social enterprise in the view of federal election candidates, while building advocacy fitness within the ASENA and sector ranks.

The campaign will run before and after the federal election. Our plan is to continue the advocacy work with the elected candidates and be bipartisan in our approach. 

All of these actions will help raise the profile of Social Enterprise in the view of the candidates, the elected MPs and position us to make concrete asks of supporting our sector moving forward.  Feel free to customise the letter below so that your social enterprise is also represented in the communication, and tailor the letter as much as you have time to do.  

The Alliance of Social Enterprise Networks of Australia