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Tell Congress: No HIV Funding Cuts


Our vital federal HIV programs are under threat!  We need your voice to make a difference.

House Republicans have proposed a 2024 spending bill that could derail our efforts to end the HIV epidemic by 2030. This bill would dismantle critical federal HIV responses, putting millions of lives at risk.

Some of these cuts include slashing over $767 million from federal HIV programs and reducing funding for the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, including vital services like AIDS education, training centers, and dental coverage. Around 50% of U.S. HIV patients depend on this program!

However, there's hope. Your voice can make a difference! We can’t afford to reduce any funding. Contact your member of Congress and urge them, not only to maintain funding, but increase it. This is the only way we can achieve our goal to end the HIV epidemic.

Be a part of the solution. Together, we can make a change!

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