Tell Congress to Rein in Big Tech’s Monopoly Power

For too long, Big Tech monopolies have abused their unchecked power as gatekeepers of information, communications, and commerce to maximize corporate profits. They have exploited their market dominance and our outdated antitrust laws to acquire and kill competitors, crush small businesses and news publishers, enforce punishing working conditions, surveil and profile people, and manipulate public discourse and undermine democracy.

Today, Big Tech monopolies exercise greater and greater control over our lives. Growing more powerful, and more ubiquitous, they operate with increasing impunity – abusing workers, bullying regulators, and antagonizing customers to line their own pockets.

Democrats and Republicans are coming together to bring an end to Big Tech’s era of impunity with historic bipartisan legislation that would force Big Tech to level the playing field and put real choice in the hands of consumers:

  • The American Innovation and Choice Online Act will prevent dominant platforms from rigging online marketplaces – by self-preferencing and picking winners and losers – and increase opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • The Open App Markets Act will set fair, clear, and enforceable rules to protect competition and strengthen consumer protections within the app market. 

Tell your Members of Congress to support this historic bipartisan antitrust legislation to rein in Big Tech’s societal harms and monopoly power.

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