Federal leaders must stand with the majority of people in Canada

A strong majority of people across Canada support taxing Big Oil’s record profits.

The signal is clear. People are outraged that oil and gas companies continue to rake in obscene profits as regular people struggle to make ends meet.

This is criminal. Big Oil is hoarding billions while our energy bills skyrocket and the climate crisis they created threatens our health, homes, and communities. Our leaders can make life better and more affordable now.

Tell them to listen to the majority of Canadians and tax Big Oil to fund climate action that works for people and the planet.

1 -  National Observer: Majority of Canadians want Big Oil slapped with a windfall tax

Tell your MP: Tax Big Oil in Budget 2024

Goal: 4700

A national poll just confirmed that the majority of people across the country support a tax on Big Oil's excess profits. Speak up to make sure your MP sees these results and votes in support of a fossil fuel industry windfall profits tax in the upcoming federal budget. 

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