Stockton Community Call To Action

Save the Facade of the Empire Theater


Goal: 250

The Empire Theater has been a centerpiece of Stockton arts, culture and expression for nearly 100 years since its creation in 1945.

Preserving part of this historic building is a step towards a larger vision. Saving it would go a long way towards signaling the critical need for cultural spaces for youth, nurturing local economies vs. big business, and uplifting historical preservation.

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  • Public cultural spaces that bring together people of many identities, provide recreational programming, and offer a safe place to students, community groups, friends and artists contribute to a healthy and thriving city. 
  • An institution like this nurtures local economies through providing venue space for community groups and organizations, is a hub for connection between community members, and provides space for study, socializing, and collaboration.
  • Preserving iconic imagery that embodies the character and identity of Stockton is critical for showing its citizens that this space (which has provided many beautiful and formative memories for Stocktonians across generations) matters makes our city distinguishable and unique.

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