New Yorkers Stand United To End Prison Slavery: Call Your State Reps Now!

13th Forward is a coalition of national and New York-based organizations working to end forced labor in New York prisons. Color Of Change is a part of this coalition — and we need help from people like you to end the exploitation of Black and Brown New Yorkers.

Our campaign supports The No Slavery in NY Act (S.225C/ A.3412C) that would end the exception that allows for modern-day slavery for people incarcerated in New York's prisons and jails and would prohibit the use of force and any other threats of punishment to compel the labor of incarcerated people. On Feb. 13, 2024, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed the bill, moving it to the full Senate for a vote. Now we need your help in urging the state Assembly to do the same and put the bill to a vote.

CALL YOUR NEW YORK STATE REP. Tell your state Assembly member to support critical legislation that would end forced prison labor and provide protections for incarcerated workers. Fill out this form to connect with your state representatives automatically. We'll provide a script and talking points.

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